Friday, 30 August 2013


After my long stay in hospital, finally I was able to enjoy the rest of my summer holidays.  My Mum and sister went to Spain for a short break, I was glad they were able to get away for a relaxing holiday. Unfortunately my Dad and I didn't go, as I've been attending hospital every Thursday as an outpatient, to have the pressure on my shunt adjusted. This is to see if it will help with some of my symptoms, which unfortunately it hasn't. While my Mum and sister were holidaying in Spain, my Dad and I went to Fermanagh to visit my Granny, Uncle, Aunt and cousins. The weather wasn't very good which was a shame, as it had been very sunny and hot. By the end of the day I was feeling very tired and in a lot of pain, I ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home, but I was pleased to see my family.

Me at one of my outpatient appointments. 

While my Mum and sister were in Spain, my Mum's friend who is excellent at arts and crafts, came round to my house to show me how to decoupage and make jewellery. I keep thinking to myself, I could decoupage this, or make jewellery out of that! We had a lot of fun and it was great to learn something new.  

I went out for dinner for the first time all summer with my Mum, sister and  our good friends. We had a lovely time and it was so nice to catch up properly and enjoy our evening out.

Out for dinner with my Mum, sister and friends.

My Uncle and cousin came over from England to visit for a couple of weeks during the summer holiday. It was lovely to see my younger cousin, Sarah who I hadn't seen in a very long time. Sarah and I spent a couple of days watching the Harry Potter series, which she loves!  

My sister, Rebecca; cousin, Sarah and I.

Over the summer I got a surprise contact from UTV, who came across my blog and were interested in doing an interview with my family and I, about my awareness raising and fundraising of brain tumours, as well as my blog. I agreed to do the interview, but I was feeling very nervous on the day.  The cameraman and Alison Flemming the presenter from UTV Live, came to my house where the interview was held. Alison was lovely and I enjoyed the day very much.  Since appearing on UTV Live, it has helped raise awareness of my fund with The Brain Tumour Charity, awareness about brain tumours, as well as my blog which I enjoy sharing with you.

My cousin and I went to watch a local horse show with my friend and
her family. We had a great time and the weather was perfect; even though it wasn't raining, I still wore my Hunter wellieboots! We found out that some of the horses and riders have been on the TV program Game of Thrones.

My Mum, cousin and I went shopping for school stationary.  I love looking through all the pretty patterned notebooks, pencil cases and more. We had many coffee breaks during our shopping trip to sit and rest when my symptoms increased. This can be annoying as when I want to go out and do something, I have to stop and rest, but  I always try to ignore my pain and other symptoms and keep going.

My 17th birthday was on 21st August. I went out with my friends to Home Restaurant, Belfast, which is one of my favourite restaurants!  It was a brilliant evening and so nice to catch up with everyone before school started.  I got some lovely presents and a beautiful cake made Baking A Smile. The next day I received my GCSE results, I done very well and got B's and C's, which my family and I are very proud of, especially as I haven't been able to attend school full time over the past two years. My school have also been very supportive which helped me get my GCSE’s.

Me at my seventeenth birthday party at Home Restaurant.