Friday, 8 August 2014

"101 Things To Do With A Radiotherapy Mask"

A few months ago I put a post on Facebook and Twitter asking you to help me write a list called, "101 Things To Do With A Radiotherapy Mask". Thank you to everyone who came up with an idea or two or even three, it was fun reading through all of them.

If you have an idea that's not on the list, then please post it on my Facebook Page or Tweet it to me so I can add it on and reach 101 things to do.

Have fun reading through them all and see if you can find yours.

Danielle X

1) Use it as a Halloween costume mask.
2) Use it as a fruit basket.
3) Turn it into a flower pot.
4) Mount it onto a wall as a decoration.
5) Frame it.
6) Decoupage it.
7) Paint it.
8) Use it as a hanging basket for flowers.
9) Wear it while having radiotherapy on your head.
10) Use it to keep bits and bobs in.
11) Make it into a lamp shade.
12) Use it to hang earrings on.
13) Use it as a fish tank decoration.
14) Decorate it to wear at a festival.
15) Make it into a face.
16) Use it as a manikin for a wig.
17) Display it somewhere for people to see.
18) Cover it in bling.
19) Use it to dress up as Hannibal Lecter.
20) Decorate it with ribbons.
21) Use it as a colander.
22) Use it as a hanging basket for fruit.
23) Use it as a hanging basket for vegetables.
23) Paint and glaze it to keep jewellery in.
24) Paint it with a face and smile then glaze it and use to show other kids what happens and not to be afraid when
having radiotherapy.
25) Use it as a jelly mould.
26) Use it as a miniature sandpit.
27) Use it as a salad bowl.
28) Use it when doing a lucky dip.
29) Use it as a bread basket.
30) Use it as a garden sculpture.
31) Wear it at a masked ball.
33) Use it as a door stopper.
34) Use to grow sweet peas.
34) Use as a base for a stunning flower arrangement.
35) Use to play pin the face on the mask, just like pin the tail on the donkey.
36) Use to keep nail polishes in.
37) Stuff some clothes and use the mask to make it into a face, as if there was a second person in the car, so you
could use the car pool lane.
38) Coat the mask in chocolate and create a lovely unique dessert.
39) Use it as a popcorn bowl.
40) Use it as a small washing basket.
41) Make it into a memory box to look back on in years to come.
42) Mount it on a stick and base to make it into your own version of the British Film Academy Award.
43) Use to blow bubbles with.
44) Turn it into a miniature gold fish bowl.
45) Use it as a hammock for a very small doll or teddy.
46) Put it in a tree to let birds use it as a nest.
47) Enter it in the Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition.
48) Display it in the Ulster Museum.
49) Use as a Halloween pumpkin by putting a small light inside it.
50) Use it as a bed for a small pet.
51) Use it as a make-up brush holder.
52) Use it as a paintbrush holder.
53) Use it to keep make-up in.
54) Use as a mini basketball net for your desk when studying.
55) Put papier mâché into it and make another you.
56) Use as a book holder.
57) Use it to keep loose change in.
58) Use it as a cutlery holder.
59) Use it as a vase.
60) Thread wool through the holes to make a nice design.
61) Use it as a paper waste bin.
62) Stick leaves to the inside of the mask to make an art piece.
63) Use it as a wood basket for a fire.
64) Use it to display and sell #TeamDanielle and #DaniellesJourney wristbands.
65) Use it as a coal bucket.
66) Use it to store cotton buds in.
67) Use it as a candle holder and make into a nice display.
68) Use it as CD rack.
69) Use it as a DVD rack.
70) Weave twigs through the holes to make it into a nice decoration.
71) Create it into a bucket.
72) Use as a napkin holder.
73) Thread daisy's through the holes to make it into a unique daisy arrangement.
74) Use it to keep unmatched socks in.
75) Fill it with soil and grow daffodils in.
76) Use it as a toothbrush holder.
77) Use it as a fencing mask.
78) Use it as a sieve.