Sunday, 15 September 2013

Back To School

I started back to school I think three weeks ago. I'm not sure exactly, but if it has been three weeks it has flown by. I'm doing my first year of A-Levels this year. The subjects that I've chosen are, Biology, Sociology and Business Studies. I've never done Sociology before, I'm really enjoying it and find it very interesting. I've been going into school for my subject classes and for some study periods only. This means I can rest more and make it in for a whole week of school. So far I've only missed one day, which is amazing! On that occasion I didn't feel well when I woke up, but got dressed and ready for school. My Dad and I were less than a minute drive away from home, when I felt very sick, pressure headachy and normal head and eye pain. Luckily I made it home in time as I was sick twice, which is so unpleasant, especially with a sore head and eyes.

You may know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. To support brave children who have fought or are still fighting childhood cancer, my family and I went to Belfast City hall on 07/09/2013 to watch it turn GOLD.

At Belfast City Hall, supporting
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

My sister, Rebecca and I were asked by Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children (NICFC) to be part of their new campaign, which we both agreed to do. It was then arranged for us both to have a photo shoot together, which we had so much fun doing, and felt like real models. This campaign is over two years, the pictures that were taken of my sister and I maybe on billboards, bus stops, buses, NICFC information booklets and more. It's all very exciting, and I hope the charity raise even more awareness and funds.

Sneak preview from the photo shoot for
NICFC's new campaign with the
photographer and his dog.

To my surprise, I received a letter from my school on 06/09/2013, to say that I was nominated by my school teachers to receive two prizes at my school's forth coming Senior Prize Giving. I was extremely surprised and so grateful for the nominations. The prizes that I won are called, 'Commendation for Consistent Hard Work over the two years leading to GCSE', and 'Sara & Lucy Ross Award for Outstanding Endeavour'. The 'Sara & Lucy Ross Award for Outstanding Endeavour' is a joint prize, I was wondering when I received the letter who I was sharing this prize with. Then one of my best friends Lauren text me later that day to say that she had also won this prize.

Lauren and I with our certificates and broach for
'Sara & Lucy Ross Award for Outstanding Endeavour'.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Thank You

Since my family and I appeared on UTV Live over the summer holiday, I was contacted by Titanic Belfast and the Grand Opera House, Belfast. This was because before I went to Bristol, England for the biopsy of Annie (my brain tumour), I wrote a short list of the things I would like to see/do before I go to Bristol. I completed some of the things on this list such as, going to Bubbacue Restaurant,  Paint Me Glaze MeThe Cookie Box and have a leaving party with my friends and family at Home Restaurant. I ran out of time to go to the Grand Opera House and Titanic Belfast. I was really disappointed as I wanted to try and get everything done on my list. I was delighted when I received an email from Titanic Belfast, to say that they would like to invite my family and I to visit. We had a brilliant time and we are very thankful for them organising and inviting us. We were given a special guided tour called Titanic Discovery, which I would highly recommend you to go on. The same day that my family and I were invited to go Titanic Belfast, I got another email from the Grand Opera House, inviting my family and I to see the musical Evita on Friday 6th September 2013. My sister and I had never seen this musical before so we were really looking forward to it. Before my family and I went to see Evita, we went out for a very delicious meal at The Barking Dog, which is a lovely restaurant located in Belfast. Evita is a phenomenal musical, the actors and actresses were fantastic and had amazing singing voices. I'm delighted we were invited to see it.

Me standing outside Titanic Belfast.

Titanic Belfast.

Titanic Belfast.  

Me at the Grand Opera House.

My sister, Rebecca and I at the
Grand Opera House.

Me at The Barking Dog.