Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A Little Update Before I Go To Bristol

My symptoms haven't got any worse since my last blog post which is fantastic, although they haven't got any better and I'm finding I get very tired quite easily. The tiredness suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks one day, I think it's from having IMRT radiotherapy as that's one of the side effects and hopefully it will improve over time.

I'm holding a ball in May in aid of my Fund with The Brain Tumour Charity. The ball is being held at Titanic Belfast where 470 guests will enjoy a drinks reception, five course meal, auction by local star May McFettridge, raffle, live entertainment and more. My Mum and I along with a couple of friends went to Titanic Belfast to food taste and finalise the menu for the night. It was my first time food tasting for an event, which was great fun trying different tasty dishes and desserts. The hard part was choosing which dishes will be served to each of the guests, as they were all delicious.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the lovely Vinny Hurrell, on his show #TheClinic on Blast 106, which is a local radio station here in Northern Ireland. It was my first time going to a radio studio which was very exciting, but also quite nerve-racking too as I didn't know what to expect. Vinny asked me questions about my journey, my Fund with The Brain Tumour Charity called, The Danielle McGriskin Fund and The Brain Tumour Charity's awareness campaign called, HeadSmart: Be Brain Tumour Aware. I enjoy and get a buzz from being interviewed. I've often thought about becoming a presenter or interviewer as a career. I hope by talking about these topics through the media, that the listeners or viewers will become more aware of brain tumours and understand how more cancer research funding needs to be spent on research into brain tumours, as it currently receives less than 2% of all cancer research funding here in the UK, yet they're the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40. Vinny was very impressed with how I interviewed, which was great to get this feedback as I always want to do my best. He said that I spoke better than some people he has interviewed from the BBC which was a huge compliment. I hope to be on his show again in the future.

It's an unbelievable honour to announce that I was presented with a certificate of 5% share of a National Hunt race horse, by Realta Horse Racing Club. The filly has officially been named after my blog, Danielle's Journey. This means any winnings from Danielle's Journey will be going to my Fund with The Brain Tumour Charity, The Danielle McGriskin Fund, where all proceeds will be going directly into research into brain tumours. Danielle's Journey is a beautiful horse and I had the privilege of meeting her at the stables and watch her train a couple of weeks ago. I know she will be successful and I look forward to watching her at many races when she is ready.

My family and I saw Miranda Hart live in Belfast. I really enjoyed her performance and thought it was a hilarious and a tummy tightening show from laughing so much, especially when Miranda performed to a Beyoncé song at the end. I love Miranda Hart's TV show and I've also read her book too, both are very funny and her book is definitely a must read.

Mother's Day this year was very relaxed, we stayed at home as Mum wanted to do her gardening. Dad cooked a lovely dinner (with the help of M&S Mother's Day meal deal). I found this picture below of my Mum, younger sister Rebecca and I when we went to a family friends wedding. My Mum is wonderful, strong and beautiful, Rebecca and I love you so much and appreciate everything you do for us.

I was interviewed by Big T from Downtown Radio (which is another radio station here in Northern Ireland) a while ago. This interview was about the new CLIC Sargent in Northern Ireland Homes From Home Appeal. CLIC Sargent in Northern Ireland have opened up their first Homes From Home for children, and they will be opening their second Homes From Home for teenagers and young people sometime soon. CLIC Sargent have Homes From Home where families can stay while their children are undergoing treatment for cancer. My family and I have been able to use one of their Homes From Home each time we go to Bristol, which has been invaluable to us. I was delighted to be apart of this appeal, especially as it's local and CLIC Sargent in Northern Ireland have been a huge support to my family and I.

I head off to Bristol later today (09/04/2014) as I'll be having my first MRI scan since IMRT radiotherapy tomorrow (10/04/2013) and I've my first appointment with my oncologist on Friday since treatment. The MRI scan will give a base line of how everything is since radiotherapy. I'm feeling a bit nervous but staying positive as always, as my motto goes, "Stay Strong, Keep Positive... Awlays". Thankfully I'll be receiving the results of the scan on Friday when I see my oncologist, so there won't be any waiting around which is good. After I get the scan results my Mum and I will be travelling to the other side of England to visit my Mum's side of the family. It will be a long old journey, but it will be really nice to see my Granny and cousin who I've not seen since Christmas.

Danielle X