Wednesday, 8 October 2014

College Life

I can't believe September has come and gone already. I'm into my second month of college which is going great, this is my first year where I'm doing a BTEC in Business which I hope will lead me onto University. My sister Rebecca attends the same college, she is also in her first year of a Sports course which she enjoys. It's lovely that we're at the same college as we went to the same primary school but different secondary schools. I'm enjoying the course a lot and I've been able to go in everyday, which I wasn't sure if I could manage. The good thing about college is that if I miss a day or two because I'm not well, all the work is online, so I can catch up in my own time. I've two long days, 9-5pm, two shorter days and a day off each week, which I look forward to (I'll tell you why as you read on).

My health has been better and I hope it doesn't decline. I still have all my symptoms, headache, eye pain and vision disturbances in particular, but I've been managing these really well and having energy always helps. I've a few hospital appointments and an MRI scan of my brain coming up at the end of this month in Bristol, but as always I'm thinking of my motto which is, "Stay Strong, Keep Positive, Always...".

When I was younger (this is where I tell you why I like Thursdays) I use to do tap, modern and jazz dance. I loved taking part in the annual summer dance shows, wearing the different costumes and having my hair and make-up done was lots of fun, but then one day I decided to stop, then I became unwell with Annie (brain tumour) and Heidi (hydrocephalus) and until now I haven't been able to go back. I now help with the little ones at my dance school every Thursday for a couple of hours, which I just love, and it felt so good to put on a pair of tap and jazz shoes and shuffle (dance term) my feet once again. After my first day as "Assistant", my muscles got a little bit of a shock as the next day I had really achey legs, from where I've not used them in a while. Last week I was given a "Gillian Doogan School of Dance" t-shirt which says, "Assistant" on the back, I was so excited when I got it.

Last weekend my friend and I took Harry the Pug for a short walk at Hillsborough Forest, which is one of my favourite places. It's lovely to go there in the Autumn season when the leaves are falling off the trees, and they make a crunching sound as you walk on them in your wellieboots. It was great to do something "normal" and Harry loved it too, thankfully he was on his best behaviour and didn't chase any swans.

Danielle X